Neveah Milman

Neveah Milman, a youth pop singer with a flair for all musical genres, embarks on an enchanting journey of artistic expression through her music. Born fully blind and gaining sight at three, Neveah’s life story is as inspiring as her vocal talent. From her early days singing childhood melodies to evolving into a versatile and captivating pop artist, she has shown an extraordinary ability to connect with her audience. Neveah’s performances, marked by her appearances at prestigious events like the Calgary Performing Arts Festival and the Afro-Caribbean Food Festival, have consistently showcased her enchanting voice and impressive musical range. Beyond her singing, Neveah is deeply involved in various hobbies, including wrestling, volunteering, art, drama, and science, displaying a multifaceted personality that enriches her life beyond the stage.

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Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews, the founder and CEO of Get You Visible, is a renowned speaker, publisher, and best-selling author. She excels in empowering entrepreneurs to craft and share their stories, thereby elevating their business and brand. Heather’s passion for storytelling shines through in her work, where she emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in creating impact. Her guidance assists clients in leveraging their experiences to enhance visibility and business growth. With Heather Andrews, you’ll discover the transformative power of your story and its potential to expand your influence and business success.

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Shona Welsh 

Shona Welsh is the trusted expert companies hire to ensure their communications and presentations wow their audiences every time. She works with people and companies who are done with mediocre employee engagement scores and lack luster client meetings. She helps them confidently persuade and influence colleagues and clients so that they can watch their ideas become reality to further their careers and organizations and land ideal clients.

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Justyne Milman

Justyne Milman, the dynamic CEO of Expressive Vocals, is an innovative vocal coach known for bringing an element of joy and energy to singing. She specializes in creating unique team-building activities, retreat and event classes, and lively girls’ night out sessions that blend fun and silliness with effective vocal techniques.

In her sessions, which last 45 minutes to an hour, Justyne employs engaging warm-up exercises to break down inhibitions, guides groups through collaborative singing activities, and concludes with relaxing warm-down exercises. Experience a fun and memorable singing class with Justyne Milman, where music is perfectly interwoven with laughter and connection.

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