Neveah Milman

Singer - (Youth Division Talent)

Neveah Milman, a youth pop singer with a flair for all musical genres, embarks on an enchanting journey of artistic expression through her music. Born fully blind and gaining sight at three, Neveah's life story is as inspiring as her vocal talent. From her early days singing childhood melodies to evolving into a versatile and captivating pop artist, she has shown an extraordinary ability to connect with her audience. Neveah's performances, marked by her appearances at prestigious events like the Calgary Performing Arts Festival and the Afro-Caribbean Food Festival, have consistently showcased her enchanting voice and impressive musical range. Beyond her singing, Neveah is deeply involved in various hobbies, including wrestling, volunteering, art, drama, and science, displaying a multifaceted personality that enriches her life beyond the stage.

Neveah Milman


Neveah Milman is a gifted young singer whose journey in the world of music has been as transformative as it has been inspiring. Born fully blind and gaining sight at the age of three, Neveah’s early challenges did not deter her; instead, they fueled her passion for music and set her on a path to becoming a promising pop artist open to all genres. Her early renditions of playful tunes like “Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath” have evolved into powerful performances that showcase her versatility and command over various musical styles, including pop and musical theatre. 

Neveah’s unique story is not just about her music; it’s a tale of unwavering determination and diverse interests. As a performer, she has captivated audiences at prestigious venues, leaving a lasting impression with her captivating voice and presence. Her performances at events such as the Calgary Performing Arts Festival and the Afro-Caribbean Food Festival highlight her ability to engage and mesmerize diverse audiences. 

Beyond the stage, Neveah is a multi-dimensional individual with a range of hobbies that showcase her dynamic personality. Her involvement in wrestling, both at school and with Spartan Wrestling, demonstrates her dedication and athletic prowess. Her volunteering efforts, particularly with ASRAB’s Sight Night, underline her compassionate nature and commitment to community service. Neveah’s artistic talents extend to art and drama, where she explores various facets of creativity and expression. Her interest in science reveals an inquisitive mind, adding another layer to her already diverse character. 

Neveah’s artistic journey transcends singing; she is a storyteller and a performer who brings her unique perspective to every performance. Her ability to adapt her voice to various occasions, from weddings and festivals to more somber events like funerals, showcases her versatility and the profound impact of her music. Neveah continues to illuminate stages with her presence, creating unforgettable experiences and forging deep connections with her audience. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, talent, and the human spirit to transcend boundaries and celebrate the universal language of music. 

Neveah Milman

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