Justyne Milman

Vocal Coach

Justyne Milman, the dynamic CEO of Expressive Vocals, is an innovative vocal coach known for bringing an element of joy and energy to singing. She specializes in creating unique team-building activities, retreat and event classes, and lively girls' night out sessions that blend fun and silliness with effective vocal techniques. In her sessions, which last 45 minutes to an hour, Justyne employs engaging warm-up exercises to break down inhibitions, guides groups through collaborative singing activities, and concludes with relaxing warm-down exercises. Experience a fun and memorable singing class with Justyne Milman, where music is perfectly interwoven with laughter and connection.

Justyne Milman


Justyne Milman, CEO of Expressive Vocals, stands out as a dynamic and seasoned vocal coach with a passion for infusing joy into the art of singing. Her extensive background in music and group dynamics has shaped her unique approach to vocal coaching, specializing in creating distinctive team-building activities, tailored classes for retreats and events, and unforgettable girls’ night out singing sessions. 

Choosing Justyne as a vocal coach means engaging in an experience that transcends traditional singing lessons. Her methods focus on breaking down barriers and building camaraderie through music. Her classes are designed to be inclusive and entertaining, perfect for team-building exercises or lively social gatherings. 

Each session with Justyne promises a blend of fun and effective singing techniques. Participants can expect enjoyable warm-up exercises that encourage a sense of ease and openness, followed by group singing activities that emphasize collaboration and the joy of making music together. These sessions, typically lasting between 45 minutes to an hour, are crafted to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for all participants. 

Whether the goal is to boost team morale, create lasting memories at a retreat or event, or simply enjoy a casual and entertaining singing class with friends, Justyne Milman expertly combines her musical expertise with her skill in group facilitation. Her classes encourage stepping out of comfort zones, harmonious group singing, and conclude with warm-down exercises that relax the body and vocal cords. Each of Justyne’s classes not only focuses on developing vocal skills but also fosters an atmosphere of joy and connection, making the experience memorable long after the last note is sung. 

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